Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Mini metal flora

The other day I posted an article on metal floral arrangements by Carmen Almon and Vladimir Kanevsky and ended by saying that I was tempted to try emulating them on a 1:12th scale for Ramsay House. 
I came across today by accident the work of Beatrice Hindley who made such miniature flora in the 1920's. As you can see her work is amazing and reasures me that it is possible to do albeit fiddly. I do have a few paper flower kits that I had intended to make up when I had the right pots but these tick all my boxes and make me want to start saving coffee capsules right away for the metal ! I think that already her collection of mini pots and vases is amazing in itself. BUT I am going to hold out on that thought for now and am here just sharing with you another wonderful artist. 
I looked up how much they sell for and its in the thousands!


  1. These photos literally make my heart beat faster!!!
    I love their realism and you honestly wouldn't know that they are miniature unless you were told.

  2. Hi, I presume they are to 1:12 th scale, I have not checked yet ! I think that with wires and cut out coffee capsules and araldite then an undercoat and painted up it could work ,,, for me anyway it seems more fun than the paper ones ,,, time will tell !!! I am off to paint my armoire at last, took suddenly to framing two drawings today ! talk about all over the place ! I might begin sewing again on the bedding also, I have just worked out all the measurements ,,, fun fun fun ,, huggs huggs huggs ,,