Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Update and hugs

It has been months already my friends and I am sorry for my absence. As I said I have moved during first lockdown to the south west of France into a huge old house that needs a LOT of love and care. Problems with builders and suppliers took a lot of my energy and it took time to adapt to the mentality of the region. I then went to Scotland during this period and stayed two months, first in isolation in London then with mum in Scotland. Mum fell the next day and was found a day later and ended up in hospital for two months without me being 'allowed' to go visit her there. She is back home and is being cared for now and has an emergency button to call for help. I have thrown most of my energy into the garden and building raised beds for vegetables, fruit and flowers. It took a month to have compost delivered and today I moved fifty wheelbarrows of it as the truck couldn't access the plot. 
I have been posting regulalry on Instagram under
so friends and family can follow the progress.
I miss making miniatures and Ramsay House is under a bedsheet for now. My work room is neglected and I hardly go there. I had to have the second floor completely insulated and am waiting for the electrics then I will use one of the rooms for a sewing room, one for a bedroom and two for storage.

Here are some of the photos that appear on Instagram but of course there is more if you pop over there as some of you have already done, thank you. I am not looking for millions of followers but simply to keep in touch with like minded people, miniaturists and decorators and gardeners.

Sending you all fond wishes and tons of hugs, see you soon. 

Love to all, Mrs M xxx



  1. Hi, So nice to see you post on the blog. I do follow on Instagram and enjoy seeing your photos on a regular basis.
    I find miniature work is best once the gardening and summer frenzy is behind me.
    I am considered the “compost queen” amongst my gardening friends .... I am a bit obsessive about it I admit!
    Don’t overdo it with moving the soil by wheelbarrow!
    You will be planting soon!

  2. Lovely photos! Thanks for posting them. The house and garden look so lovely and have so much character. What bad news about your mum and that you couldn’t visit her - that must have been very concerning for you and her. I hope she is on the mend now and dping well. Look forward to progress on your minis soon!

  3. Hey Mrs M - I have been loving seeing your Instagram updates - your collection of stuff is so lovely and interesting.
    All these new 'restrictions' on moving about are just so incredibly hard, especially when loved ones really need you to be there. I am happy to hear your mum is better and home, but I imagine it is still testing for you both.
    The garden progress looks impressive and soon you can hopefully begin to enjoy the fruits (and veggies) of your hard work.
    On our side of the planet we are at tail end of the season and my veggie patch is starting to look rather depleated.
    Anna x

  4. Welcome back, Stephanie! It's lovely to see that you have turned your creative attention to making your new house a home! The garden scenes are wonderful!

  5. Dear mrs. M. i am sorry to hear about your mothers predicament. And how frustrating it must have been not to be able to visit her. I am glad to read that she has recovered!

    It is sad to read about the trouble you have had with builders. As if the task of renovating that house and its garden was not yet a big enough challenge.

    But making this house your home will undoubtedly be a success in the end. And we will patiëntly await the return of Ramsay House. My progress on Huis ter Swinnendael has been slow too, and will grind to a halt soon. I have just learned that we will move to our new house in about ten weeks. So the coming months there may be some time for mini making but not putting together the roomboxes I was planning. So you are stil ahead of me when it comes to mini house building.😉

    Hugs and stay well!

    M. H.